Fight back, America!

This site is dedicated to fighting corporate fraud and exploitation and getting PAID by corporation for your damages and trouble!

This $1,000 check from Wells Fargo is nothing compared to the $1.3 million check Trans Union wrote, but I didn't have to wage a 3-year legal battle to get it either. Why Wells Fargo wrote me a $1,000 check.

Unfortunately, I also learned that Kangaroo Courts are alive and well in America. Just because you're right doesn't mean that you'll prevail in court.

After years of suing Compass Bank, I decided to get them where it hurts and publicize their despicable conduct.

I created the and I here is my 5/6/04 Press Release about the vile Compass Bank practices.  2 weeks later, the press release was read over 22,000 times!

The attorneys defending corporate crime are as guilty as the corporate criminals.

Corporations get away with deceptive practices and fraud because their legal henchmen lie in court.  If it wasn't for those corrupt attorneys, the corporations could not possibly get away with their willfully illegal conduct.  I've been posting some of the attorneys' pictures at the blog.   When their friends and relatives do a Google search, they'll see what these attorneys do for a living.

The American government is as guilty as the corporate criminals.

I sued the FTC, FCC and the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond for failing to enforce consumer protection legislation.  Of course they were dismissed, I have no legal skills and the government agencies claimed that they can only be sued if they agree to be sued.  But at least I got to ask the FTC a few questions on the public record. They won't be able to claim that they didn't know about the tremendous problems with credit reporting and credit scoring.

What can you do?  Don't vote for Bush!!!!

The Bush administration has been encouraging corporate crime, reducing enforcement of consumer protection legislation and according to the FTC, they are no longer issuing published opinion letters as per the Bush administration's request.  These FTC opinion letters have helped many consumers in their battles against collectors and creditors. Bush apparently didn't like that people like me got their checks.  

The Bush administration is doing everything possibly to make it easy and legal for corporations to exploit the disadvantaged.

Back in the 80s, the FTC actually responded to consumer complaints and resolved the problems.  That's no longer happening, the most you'll get from the FTC is a form letter or a brochure.

It's up to you to defend yourself.

If you're too sick, old, poor or otherwise disadvantaged, the government couldn't care less what happens to you. The corporations know that and they take the slightest indication of financial problems as the green light to defraud you.

I want to change how corporate America does business.

Of course I realize that I'm not superwoman and not wealthy and not an attorney, so my tactics have to revolve around doing what I know how to do:  

Publish and show readers how to make a difference.

Those press releases are very affordable:  FREE!!!!   I do pay $10 to get the access stats and another $30 to be able to attach pictures.  It is too cool to be able to get so much exposure at such a small cost:

Class actions can make a difference!

I certainly have a lot of bad things to say about attorneys, but they're not all bad.  Many attorneys read my sites and review the posted consumer complaints and this is why I started this new forum.  So many readers posted their comments at the blog, but since they respond to many different postings, that's highly disorganized.  At this forum all complaints as well as information about each company are highly organized.

Massive complaints to the regulatory agencies

I had submitted my complaints about American Agencies, one of my defendants, to the FTC in 2001 and 2002.  Of course they did nothing.  While I don't know whether it had anything to do with my 2003 suit against the FTC, they are finally investigating American Agencies.  I know that many people filed their FTC complaints about American Agencies after reading my websites and it's great that the FTC is finally investigating.  How to submit a complaint directly to the FTC investigator in San Francisco.

Consumer suits

Many readers have been settling credit reporting and debt collection violations and the did not just receive the credit rating they deserved, they also got their checks.  My current federal suit is not a good example for you to follow.  I'm not interested in CRA settlements for a few thousand dollars with a confidentiality agreement -- I want changes to credit reporting and credit scoring and my suit and the publications will make a difference in the long run, regardless of the outcome in court.  I also publish the filings so that readers can learn from my mistakes.

I settled with Providian with a confidentiality agreement, so I obviously can't post a check, but here is the check from Professional Recovery:

Go get YOUR checks!